Welcome Our Newest Member Michael Martioski

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Welcome Our Newest Member - Michael Martioski

On another great note, I and Chaplain Joe Duquette met with Marine Michael Martioski over breakfast at Chez Vachon today to enlighten him about the Marine Corps League and the Granite State Detachment 542.  He completed and signed his application which he handed back to me with his $40 first year's dues to become a member.

It turns out even though he was not raised here in NH, since being released from his active-duty commitment he has become a member of the Manchester community and become very attached and committed to various causes.

It turns out that Joe Duquette and Michael already knew many people in common. Hopefully Michael and his wife will be coming to our FUNday breakfast next Saturday.

We send out to Michael and his family a big Oorah and welcome home with your membership in the Granite State Detachment #542.

BTW Michael had made contact with B J Byers early this week who forwarded his contact information to me.....kudos to B J for his quick action in this regard.

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Gary A. Gahan, Commandant