Mobius Mobility – iBot for Veterans

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Man uses motorized iBot wheelchair on sand at the beach

Mobius Mobility - iBot for Veterans

Mobius Mobility would like to extend the opportunity to our New England Veterans to demo and consider an iBOT. You can learn more about the iBOT here: . This power wheelchair can climb curbs and stairs, go through snow, sand, rough terrain, operate at eye-level, and much more.

iBot motorized wheelchair goes up curb
girl in blue shirt in an iBot motorized wheelchair is guided by an older man in red shirt as they go through a trail in the woods on a fall day.

Charities have generously offered to donate several iBOT’s to veterans for whom the iBOT is medically appropriate. Once these initial devices are gifted to Veterans, Mobius has other resources available to help any Veteran who is interested in becoming an iBOT user.

For veterans receiving care from the VA, the iBOT is available under a Federal Supply Schedule Contract the VA can use to purchase iBOTS, at no cost to you. For Veterans receiving care outside the VA or who are not eligible for VA benefits, Mobius has resources partnerships ready to assist you.

If this is something that interests you, please reply to this email or click the button below, and we can connect you to Mobius Mobility.

The factors that make a particular vet a good candidate for the iBOT are:

  • Weight Under 300lbs
  • Not at significant risk of fracture due to bumps/jarring forces (since you can go off-road)
  • No recent seizures
  • Does not require a ventilator
  • Has good cognition & vision
  • *IF Stairclimbing independently (which is not necessary) must have the ability to extend both arms to grab a railing on either side of the body or opposite sides of the body.

Is this for you?

If this is not something for you, but you know of a Veteran that would qualify, please share this email with them and we can connect him/her with Mobius Mobility.

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